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We are a luxury boutique resort that takes pride in being Samoan. We are made of the community and shaped by our people.

Oi Matou o se Aiga

Meet Aniseko

As our longest standing house keeper, Aniseko has been defying gender norms since way back. For 16 years, he has proudly served the house keeping division with style and grace. When asked about his secret to success, he puts it down to his good looks and charm. On the surface this may be the case, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Aniseko’s story is steeped in service. As a young man, he abandoned a promising career as a kiwi barista to care for his family in Samoa. Herein marks the start of Aniseko’s tale. To do justice to this colourful character we would need to write a book. So if you see him about, do not be surprised if you are treated to an impromptu musical or a long winded story of how the famous ‘Cheko’ (his nick name) came to pass.

Meet Vala

Vala is our in house chameleon, if he is not waiting on your table by day you will find him singing his heart out in the resort string band by night. As the runner up of Samoa’s 2010 Star Search, the singer/song writer still has dreams of becoming Samoa’s most accomplished musician. The Sinalei family have decided to help support his dream by organising the production and recording of his band’s first album. So keep an eye out for this talented bunch and go ahead and treat yourself to their CD, you won’t regret it. Albums are available at our Sinalei Boutique.

Meet Pouono

Born a deaf and a mute, Pouono has encountered more than your average share of life’s obstacles. However, having worked his way to the top of the maintenance department in his 10 year tenure to head of arts and crafts, complimented by a string of honorary artistic awards from around the region, one would be amiss to think that he has been blessed with more talent than one could ever dream of. Armed with a cheeky grin and sense of humour to boot, you can find this gracious soul making his mark all over the resort one sculpture and painting at a time. 

Meet Tautua

Tautua is a man of the sea. As the head skipper of ‘Fish the Dream’ he has led many bountiful fishing expeditions both in and out of competition. So if you don’t find him in the water, you will definitely find him near it. His love for the ocean has inspired him to rebuild his beachfront home destroyed by the 2009 tsunami and 2012 cyclone. He is a water baby through and through so if you happen to notice a stranger paddling out the front of your villa, DO NOT be alarmed, it is likely Tautua making his 30min commute to and from work. Extraordinary for us but just another day in the life of the man we call ‘SKEEEBA’ (Samoan pronunciation for Skipper).