The Tale of Sinalei

Your home away from home


Welcome to Sinalei. We are a boutique resort nestled within a sheltered lagoon along the southern coast of Upolu Island, a mere 25mins from capitol Apia and 45mins from Faleolo International Airport. Set across 33 elegantly groomed acres of lush vegetation, our remote resort creates an atmosphere of modern-rustic luxury combined with raw untouched beauty. But we are more than what treats the eye. We are a place steeped in tradition and love, where the people of the villages and surrounding environment combine to create a truly unique experience for all. It is no wonder Samoan kings and warriors of old would spend their time resting here in preparation for battle. 

Afio mai

Allow us to take you on a journey. A lantern lit path through the heart and soul of Sinalei, as the sounds of ukulele and pristine ocean waters lap against our palm fringed shore. Whilst the smiles of our Sinalei family melt not only your heart, but the yearning to be anywhere else but here.

We are Sinalei, a Samoan resort steeped in culture and soul so immeasurable that our guests leave with no desire but to return.

You see, it is true that we are an icon of our island home, a utopia where beach marries rainforest, and lovingly appointed villas nestle amongst our lush tropical surrounds. But we are so much more than what treats the eye.

We are a love story featuring the surrounding villages and starring the people of our community. But to truly understand who we are, we must first tell the tale of where we come from.

The story of our land begins far before the birth of our resort. Dating back to the days of Malietoa (The Samoan King), Le Ufi Sa was considered a place where the King and his warriors would come and feast on the sacred yams that grew wild. As the tale goes, they believed the yams gave them special powers that would prepare them for adversaries that threatened their precious islands.

Some 200 years on, this sacred ground would continue to serve as a source of empowerment as a young Samoan merchant with a dream to free his beloved nation from foreign rule began his fight for Samoa’s independence. This young man was the grandfather of Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale, the co-owner and founder of Sinalei.

As history has a habit of repeating itself, Joe and his wife Tui would in 1994 draw on the mystical properties of this land, to begin a fight of their own. A fight to honour the good works of their forefathers. A fight to realise a dream against all odds. A fight to create Sinalei.

With little more than a vision of a small mom and pop retreat, they went to work on the land. For two long years they lived in an open fale on the property with no gas, no running water, an open fire for cooking, simply living off the land. Every day inching closer to their dream of a tropical themed escape.

Fueled by a yearning to pay homage to their Samoan heritage and inspired by memories of plantation life, the pair would finally open Sinalei’s local and picturesque doors in 1996.

From its humble beginnings, a dream held by this loving couple of a few shacks along the beach has evolved into 29 beautiful abodes. A dream no longer theirs alone but one that is shared by family and community alike. A dream brought to life by the people of the villages who have stood by the resort through thick thin. Through cyclones, tsunamis and personal hardship, Sinalei and the people that make this special place, stand as one.

So when you visit with us, you visit the people of Samoa. You visit the people who make up the villages of our great island home. You visit family.

To this day, our sacred land and family continue to empower Sinalei for the battles at hand, constantly evolving our beautiful story. Our hope is that when you visit, the healing powers of our shores and kindness of our people, relax, rejuvenate and prepare you, for your very own endeavours. That when you visit, you become a part of our story, as much as we become a part of yours.

Begin your journey with Sinalei today.