Cuisine & Dining

A refined yet relaxed dining experience awaits you


By returning to nature and invigorating the senses through culture and cuisine, Sinalei is an oasis to truly recharge.

A refined yet relaxed dining experience awaits you, where we start with what we can grow and source locally, embodying our farm/ocean to plate philosophy.

Ia manuia le taumafataga

Notice: “We regret to inform that our Ava I Toga Overwater Restaurant’ is currently closed for repairs and will remain so until further notice. We thank you for your understanding.” – Management

Our philosophy: Fresh, local and healthy food

Our latest menu offerings represent Sinalei’s on-going exploration of the “farm and ocean to plate” philosophy. We are continually challenging ourselves, and our local farmers to provide more variety and more sustainable ways to bring you the truest in contemporary Samoan cuisine. We strive to make everything in house for the ultimate in fresh food experience. All baked goods, pastas, tortillas, flatbreads, dumplings and wrappers, sauces, dressings, jams, marmalade to desserts are crafted with pride and passion by our creative and dedicated team.

Our concept: Farm and ocean to plate

Here at Sinalei our wish is to foster relationships with our farmers, their families and our people as part of our commitment to the development of the local environment. In doing so, our direction, way of life and culture combine to bring you the best possible dining experience. We invite you to take part in a unique culinary journey.