Samoan Culture

Traditional Island Customs


Samoan heritage extends back over 3000 years and as one of the best kept cultures in the Pacific, there is an abundance of tradition and customs to be experienced.

Fa’a Samoa

Join us every Wednesday for a memorable “Fia-Fia” show, a night dedicated to the celebration of the Samoan people and way of life. Treat your taste buds to a journey around the Pacific with age old recipes Palusami, Oka & Fai’ai I’a as features of the feast, accompanied by customary song and dance by the men, women and children of the surrounding villages.

Delve a little deeper into Samoan past times with a story telling session, mat weaving and underground cooking demonstration earlier in the day, topped off with a visit to a nearby village accompanied by a local host.

Further immerse yourself with a Signature ‘Fa’a Samoa Tour’, where a visit with a village community is complimented by an ava ceremony, fire knife dancing, Samoan language and ukulele lesson, traditional arts and crafts workshop and primary school visit.

With rich and immersive experiences in mind, this full day tour endeavours to share the intricacies of village life and identity in a uniquely Samoan environment.