The Sinalei Philosophy


Here at Sinalei, we seek to create an enabling environment, where the dreams and aspirations of all can become a reality. Our aim is to inspire our dedicated and passionate team members, to create special moments for each and every one of our guests and one another.

As Sinalei is an establishment that is proud of its people, we encourage every member of our Sinalei family to express their unique identity, for the betterment of not only themselves, but this loving workplace we call home. Our wish is that by working together, we can honour the special heritage of our land, its people and the surrounding environment that has contributed so generously to our existence.

Sinalei Careers

The Sinalei Mystique (Vision)

Sinalei is a market leading community focused and environmentally active experiential innovator that endeavors to inspire special moments for each of its stakeholders.

Our Compass (Mission)

We look to empower one another for the betterment of our guests, families, communities and environments.

Our Core Values

Family First: Aiga is the the cornerstone of our existence and the meaning in what we do. If it is not good enough for a loved one, then it is no good at all.

Respect We: Seek different opportunities to bring out the best in your surrounds, be a team player & do unto others as you would like done unto you.

Love Unconditionally: Passion and compassion is the route to joy. If all else fails, allow the heart to prevail.

Honest-to-Goodness: Honesty is the best form of creativity and Integrity is the foundation of sustainability. Take risks with an eye on detail, empower change and be the best version of you.

Feed the Soul: The real magic lies in the adventure. Pay attention, appreciate the little things and seize the day with a smile.

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