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Last Updated 13th August 2020…

Though Samoa is at present a non-threat location, with “NO reported cases” of the virus, Samoa Tourism Authority along with the Samoan Ministry of Health have put in place precautionary measures to ensure the safe keeping of ALL residents and visitors to our shores.

As a result the following update has been issued, which we invite you to take a moment to review and observe if necessary;

“All Travel into Samoa (excluding expatriated flights)” until the 30th September 2020 have been suspended until further notice.

Further to the above requirements:

  1. ALL Charted Flights (excluding expatriated flights) and Cruise Ships intended for Samoa WILL NOT be granted entry into Samoa until further notice.
  2. All sea port entries will be screened at the quarantine buoy before ships dock at the wharf. All travelers departing Samoa for any country affected by the Coronavirus, are strongly recommended to postpone their travel arrangements unless necessary.
  3. Preventive measures should be adhered to at all times in the event that travel cannot be postponed, and that all are to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus which include: fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

For more information – contact Tagaloa Dr. Robert Thomsen of the Ministry of Health on Phones: (+685) 665-03 and (+685) 767-6015 or Email:

For additional information on Beautiful Samoa, please visit


Needing to Reschedule?

Temporary Cancellation Policy 

Please note below our updated cancellation policy for all on the books reservations from 1st May – 30th September 2020.

All bookings between 1st May and the 30th of September 2020, be allowed a date change (like for like date and based on availability) without charge or full resort credit to the value of their booking to be used at a later date.

  • Standard non-refundable terms remain for no shows, bookings cancelled within 7 days of arrival (unless otherwise stipulated) and or non-refundable bookings outside of the specified date range (1st May – 30th September 2020).
  • All other non-refundable bookings/deposits outside of specified date range will be allowed a date change for a 50% surcharge on the original booking cost.
  • ALL Applicable refunds, may incur up to a 6-month or more delay in processing due to the unusual and constantly evolving nature of Covid-19 and its unprecedented impacts.
  • All bookings made with third party sites and or agents will be subject to cancellation policies and terms of these relevant platforms. The above amendment then is subject to these additional terms and conditions.
  • The original booking date will be applicable to all cancellations made for amended bookings and or resort credits, not newly changed dates.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: A continual review of these timelines, allowances and policies will be conducted at the end of each month or as new information becomes available regarding travel restrictions at the hands of Covid-19 Coronavirus.


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Making the Best of Uncertain Times

The world of travel as we know it has been turned upside down and inside out. Free movement has become but a luxury, social gatherings a novelty and international travel seemingly out of reach for many in the near future.

However, despite the inherent restrictions we, ‘your paradise in waiting’, choose to see the brighter side of sun-rise and in turn continue our pursuit to delight those nearest and dearest to us. In the spirit of sharing we invite you to take a moment to journey with us in our efforts to keep our Sinalei family smiling and experiences evolving in anticipation for your visit.

Initiative 1: Family First

Aiga is the cornerstone of our existence and the meaning in what we do. Hence, though closed to the international public we continue to employ our work-force and actively seek out creative means of offering additional support to our collective and their families during these trying times. 


Initiative 2: Thrive to Survive 

With the help of Business Links Pacific, BDO Accounting Samoa and Ministry of Health, we have put together a business continuity plan that seeks to deliver us through hardship and prepare us for the exciting developments that await recovery. Such initiatives include but are not limited to the implementation of new health and safety working standards/ operational procedures and thorough training programs for the ultimate well being of ALL employees and visiting guests in readiness for the new norms that await the world of travel in months to come.  


Initiative 3: Honest to Goodness

Recognizing the need of our wider communities and with the help of local village farmers and fishermen, we have set about initiating an onsite organic vegetable garden/nursery and Marine Protected Area out front of the resort. The green projects seek to provide additional employment and up-skilling opportunities for men and women most in need, with the exciting possibility of new ‘Ocean, Farm to Plate’ experiences and tours for all soon to be visitors.


Initiative 4: Feed the Soul

Here at Sinalei we believe that the real magic lies in the adventure, paying close attention and showing appreciation for the little things. Hence with the help of our willing family, we have set out to perform the largest ’25 Day push-up challenge’ in Samoa, to raise awareness about depression, PTSD and anxiety. A little reminder to us all that though times can get tough, together, we can continue to seize our days with a smile.

See our Social pages @sinaleireefresortspa and @sinaleiresort for more.


Where to From Here? 

We see growth, improvement and most importantly you sipping a cocktail on our sandy beaches in the very near horizon.

With restrictions on travel to Samoa being extended, we are delighted to offer “Early Booker Fully Refundable Specials”  that allow both flexibility and peace of mind for all our visiting guests seeking to travel from October 2020 onwards.

More on Specials HERE


We look forward to welcoming you all very soon and invite you to reach out should you require for further assistance at any point in time at


Your Sinalei Family