Celebrating a New Look

A Uniform with a Story

November marks the start of the summer months in New Zealand and Australia, but whilst many face the battle of picking out their outfits of choice for an at best 3 month season, the team at Sinalei have been hard at work designing a new all year round summery uniform for its team.

Part of a wider brand update, and the most interesting thing about the fresh, new garments is the sheer amount of thought, history and respect for local culture that went into their creation.

The patterns that have been printed on the uniforms are elements taken from the Sinalei logo, each of which symbolise different chapters in the resort’s journey.

Says Marketing & Business Development Manager at Sinalei, Nelson Annandale. He goes onto explain “The leaf represents the sacred yam that once grew on the land the resort now occupies. The yam was believed to have special healing properties and was therefore highly valued by the late Samoan king Malietoa, who fed it exclusively to his warriors.

The skull represents a myth told by the decedents of Maleitoa who believed that upon defeating the Tongan kingdom, the king removed the head of the opposing army’s fiercest warrior, and threw it into the ocean to symbolise Samoa’s victory,” Nelson explained.

“Upon landing in the water, the ocean parted and gave way to a fresh water spring in the middle of the sea, a natural wonder known as ‘Vai O Le Maile’ continues to serve guests of Sinalei as a swimming spot of choice and the source of fresh water for the resort and many villages who rely on it.

The faceless man on Sinalei’s uniforms represents the sacrifice of Samoan men and women in fighting for the country’s independence. The fish and waves in Sinalei’s logo and uniform design represent the connection of Samoan people to their surrounding environment.

The uniform itself was designed by Samoa’s most accomplished fashion designer, Cecilia Keil, who is the only Pacific fashion designer to have been invited to New York and London fashion week this year. He goes on to assert that “the style of the uniform is rooted in pan-Asian heritage and represents our link to South East Asia, a place believed to be the origin of Samoan people. The colours are reflective of the earthy undertones that underpin both the Sinalei brand and the beautiful natural landscape found onsite.”