From Farm Ocean To Plate

Eating Healthy at Sinalei

We are excited to announce the appointment of two new chefs whom with a wealth of experience are sure to revolutionise the resort’s food philosophy of “Fresh, Local, Honest Food”.

Executive Chef Misiwata Namal and sous chef Tokoni Cakautini, are both veterans of high end resort kitchens and bring more than 15 years of culinary experience from around the South Pacific to Sinalei.

Together, the two experienced chefs are responsible for the resort’s famed, over-the-water restaurant, Ava I Toga and traditional Samoan restaurant, Laumosooi, both of which offer a refined yet relaxed dining experience.

Sinalei Marketing and Business Development Manager, Nelson Annandale, said Misiwata and Tokoni have created a dynamic, innovative vibe, and in the three months they’ve been at the resort, have already made positive changes.

“Our new chefs are proving to be an unstoppable duo and have plans to further elevate the already exceptional food offering at the resort,” he said. “In addition to updating the menu at our restaurants, one of the first things they did was introduce a brand-new snack and pizza menu for our younger guests and for those who feel like something lighter, and it has been a huge hit.”

“We are continually challenging ourselves, and our local farmers to provide more variety and more sustainable ways to bring you the truest in contemporary Samoan cuisine. We strive to make everything in house for the ultimate in fresh food experience,” Nelson said.

Keep an eye out for this summer’s healthy breakfast and juice bar menu, for a refreshing change in the resort’s already expansive food and drink experience.