Spa Packages

Spa Packages

Revel in the delights of a combined healing experience for a better appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Opening Hours

09.00am – 17.00pm | Monday – Saturday

Massages Options

Candlelight Magic Massage | 90 mins | $161USD
A romantic candlelight or moonlight massage, especially for honeymooners or anniversary couples. We invite you to indulge in this wonderfully romantic experience. After sixty blissful minutes of side-by-side total relaxation, enjoy a bottle of wine and relax looking at the stars in our fresh spring water plunge pool.

Topical Tandem Massage (2 on 1) | 90 mins | $161USD
A real treat-4 hands working on your body at the same time. Get twice as much work done on you and twice the pleasure. If you really want to indulge and be pampered, this soothing session is for you.

Spa Pool & Sauna | 60 mins | $16USD
Our Quartz. Crystal Sauna and Spa Pool offers a gentle detoxification and healing experience through a purifying and heating energy that draws away stress and fatigue.

A perfect combination to add to the start or end of your Massage treatment.
Sauna – 15 minutes (max)
Spa Pool – 45 minutes (max)