Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Inspired by the elements experience one of our unique body treatments, focused on your immediate needs.

Opening Hours

09.00am – 17.00pm | Monday – Saturday

Body Treatment Options

Lama (Candlenut) Scrub (Mature Skin) | 60 mins | $79USD
Lama is the one stop cure for weathered skin. The pounded lama
(candlenut) oozes oil, allowing for the exfoliation and deep miniaturization of your soon to be silky smooth skin.

Niu (Coconut) Body Glow (Sensitive Skin) | 60 mins | $79USD
As one of nature’s most authentic treats, freshly scraped young coconut, rich in nutrients, promises to offer a gentle shine to your sensitive skin.

Esi (Papaya) Body Polish (General) | 60 mins | $79USD
Papaya contains special enzymes (papain), which soften and revitalize the skin, allowing you a feeling of newness like no other.

Koko (Cocoa) Samoa Scrub (Dry Skin) | 60 mins | $70USD
lmaglne the aroma of freshly roasted and pounded Samoan Koko smothered all over your body, then gently applied so that the mixture sloughs off your being. A true chocolate lovers dream.

Limu (Seaweed) Scrub (Problem Skin) | 60 mins | $85USD
A luxurious body exfoliation using sea salt and seaweed polish, followed by a warming shower beneath drops of
Sina lei’s pure and pristine spring water.