Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

Inspired by the elements experience one of our unique body treatments, focused on your immediate needs.

Opening Hours

09.00am – 17.00pm | Monday – Saturday

Beauty Options

Herbal Aromatic Cleaning Facial | 45 mins | $44USD
We use fresh natural ingredients specially combined for your individual skin conditions.

Honey, Lime & Cucumber (Normal Skin) | 45 mins | $44USD
A simple but sensual facial, designed to leave your skin feeling soft and plump.

Almond, Oatmeal & Cucumber (Oily or Sensitive Skin) | 45 mins | $44USD
A great facial with natural nutrients, for a smooth and fresh finish.

Lemon Grass, Lama & Papaya (Mature Skin) | 45 mins | $44USD
Enjoy the medicinal and beautifying agents of local produce.

Manicure / Pedicure | 30 mins | $31USD
Trimming, grooming& polishing of nails, including a hand or foot conditioning massage.

Blissful Sole Treatment | 60 mins | $35USD
Pamper your feet with an hour long foot massage. Alleviates anxiety and brings about a deep state of relaxation by engaging the Solar Plexus of each foot. This one hour massage includes massage, exfoliation and moisturising treatment.